Woman Publicly Shames Boyfriend When He Gets Tinder Message During Date

Woman Publicly Shames Boyfriend When He Gets Tinder Message During Date

There’s many ways to react when you find out your partner has been cheating, but the go to reaction is anger.

It’s inconceivable that someone could do that to you because in all honesty, you’re great. Or so you’d have yourself believe.

Alison Chappell thought outside the box when venting her anger towards her now ex-boyfriend. She discovered that her fella was using Tinder behind her back while they ate out at Sutlers in York during a four day break.

The poor diner was pleased with the wine and Sauvignon Blanc in the establishment, but her overall experience was obviously marred by the fact her boyfriend received a Tinder message half way though.

She posted a review of Sutlers, including the whole fiasco with the dating app.

Really nice bar, lots of atmosphere and good Sauvignon Blanc,” she wrote. “Unfortunately halfway through said wine my boyfriends phone bleeped with a Tinder message which, of course, I wasn’t supposed to see.

“So our visit was cut short, and he consequently got dumped and we drove back to Leicester (very uncomfortable car journey as you can imagine).”

She continued: “I’d recommend this pub definitely, but best to go with someone who isn’t a lying cheating shit head as you’ll have a much nicer time than I did” – hard to argue with that logic.

Someone from the bar replied to Alison’s review, trying to make her feel better about having to share a table with a “shit head”.

“Alison you sound like an absolute sweetheart. We’re sorry your visit didn’t turn out as planned,” the account wrote. “Your boyfriend sounds like an absolute cad and a bounder. We deplore such actions. Its unbecoming of a true gentleman.

“If you’d mentioned this at the time we’d have defended your honour by challenging said scallywag to a duel or at the very least given him a shake of our heads and sent him on his way with a collective tsk tsk, and advice that a gentleman should always treat his fair maiden with the utmost respect.

“You deserve better. The next time you’re in York, with a new beau or with chums, pop in and say what-ho! We’ll make sure your next visit is a far more enjoyable one.

“Please accept my warmest sympathies and kindest regards on behalf of all the staff at Sutlers, Captain Darling.”

Rather pleasant that they’ve dipped in and out of olden ways of speaking, keeping up the whole York thing – nice touch.

Since Captain Darling’s words were so poignant, Alison replied.

“Captain, your comments are most kind. I love York and very disappointed my four day trip was cut short. However next time I’m around I will definitely pop in and finish that Sauvignon Blanc,” she said.


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