Woman Publicly Shames Man She Met On Tinder Because He Bounced After She Had Sex With Him

Posters alerted Aucklanders to a “user” in the dating pool

An unlucky-in-love Auckland woman has taken to the streets for revenge – naming her ex-Tinder lover via a leaflet and poster campaign.

The highly emotional poster, or “Tinder warning” as it was titled, was spread throughout an inner-city suburb publicising the man’s name, address, and workplace, and included a head and shoulders shot of him wearing a baseball cap and holding a beer.

The poster warned other woman off him and referenced men who “go out of [their] way to lie to and deceive someone in order to use them for sex”.

The poster featured a picture of the heartbreaker, along with both his home and work addresses.

Text on the leaflet appeared to be a final exchange between the two.

“Frankly, having been tricked into sleeping with someone and then getting them to say every horrible, degrading thing imaginable to you is kind of worse than rape in a lot of ways, and I didn’t want to give you any more opportunities to hurt me,” the woman wrote.

Tinder: it’s a minefield

“My lasting memory of you will be a mistake that causes me feelings of revulsion.”

The woman said she was “used” by the man, and she had to use her last $30 to cook him dinner.

“You did this just after I finished getting over my UTI,” she wrote.

In a few heartfelt lines the message touched on the woman’s feelings of heartbreak, before coming to some life realisations.

“I truly honestly liked you so much and actually believed that you were a kind person and trusted you,” she said.

“Anyway – I can’t take it back or turn back time.”

In response, the man apologised and said he honestly wanted a relationship.

“Eventually though, we just didn’t click enough. I really am sorry about that.”

The love-scorned woman replied: “But you kept using me anyway and had no intention of stopping”.

He protested that it took him longer than it should have to realise the relationship wasn’t right for him but the woman wasn’t having it.

“You were using me for sex because you are an a…hole,” she wrote.

The poster included the name and address of the man’s workplace – an inner-city firm.

The man has been contacted for comment.

What do you think? Is this guy a douche or is she trying to get all clingy with the first guy to have sex with her in five years? After all it is Tinder…Let everyone know in the comments.



Woman Publicly Shames Man She Met On Tinder Because He Bounced After She Had Sex With Him

2 replies on “Woman Publicly Shames Man She Met On Tinder Because He Bounced After She Had Sex With Him”

she thinks of herself as a victim of some sort. She’s not. She’s just trying to pawn off responsibility of her own actions.

what’s funny about this is that she’s acting like a lunatic, but still doesn’t understand why this guy didn’t want her. In her attempt to prove to everyone that he’s the bad guy, she ends up proving that she’s the nut-bag.

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