Woman Receives Abusive Texts From American Airlines Lost Luggage Department

Woman Receives Abusive Texts From American Airlines Lost Luggage Department

An airline has had a bit of a public relations crisis after sending a rude text message to a woman who was just trying to get her luggage back.


Marla Margolis had flown from Boston to Miami for a cruise holiday to celebrate her son’s bar mitzvah when she realised that she had accidentally left her son and daughter’s outfits in the overhead storage compartment.

She didn’t leave it for long and contacted the airline company a few hours after they had been lost, hoping that there wouldn’t be that much trouble in getting the things back.

However, as with basically everything that goes on in airports, it wasn’t that simple.


This time it said: “Are you enjoying my foot up your ass?”

During her interview, she continued: “This is totally, off the books, crazy

“I was very, very upset by the text. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get my answer.

“It was insult to injury to get this offensive text message.”


American Airlines have interviewed the staff that dealt with Marla and are conducting a thorough investigation. Marla has also reported the incident to the police.

This incident occurred just days after a woman reported that another American Airlines employee called the police because a woman was unhappy about having her arm touched by another passenger.

Amber Phillips accused the company of calling the police on her for “flying fat and black” – her own words.

She was not eventually detained, but was understandably upset.

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