Woman Reveals Horror Of Being Forced To Be A Sex Slave By Her Own Family

Woman Reveals Horror Of Being Forced To Be A Sex Slave By Her Own Family


A fiercely brave woman has spoken out about her horrific ordeal as a sex slave, inflicted by her own family. 

The now 29-year-old, Jessa Dillow Crisp, has heroically recalled her horrendous experiences while being sex trafficked from a young child.

Inspirational Jessa revealed how she was just 10-years-old when the sexual abuse she was subjected to was instigated by her own dad, the Mirror reports.

She explained how her heartless ‘parents’ sold her to brothels and made her appear in porn films and explicit pictures around the world.

Jessa recalled how she was trafficked around places in Canada, throughout America and disturbingly the town she spent the first 10 years of her childhood.

She told explained to Global Citizen:

The horror can’t be put into words, neither can the brothels I was taken to or the men and women I was forced to service.

Not only did I see someone very close to me murdered, but police officers were some of my buyers and multiple times I was handcuffed, raped, and told that if I told anyone I would be put in jail.

In a harrowing twist to her appalling story, Jessa managed to escape her evil family and find refuge in two safe houses before she was picked up again by another trafficker.

She eventually broke free of her new captor in 2010 and sought to repair the pieces of her life by pursuing education, hoping to get a PhD in psychology.

Disturbingly, she has discovered through her studies ‘familial trafficking’ is worryingly ‘very common.’

But Jessa does not want to let her traumatic past hold her back from the things she wants to achieve and refuses to let her experiences define her.

She said:

I refuse to let the evil of my past win. Instead, my pain has a purpose now.

Here’s the full video of Jessa recalling her atrocious abuse:

What an incredibly brave woman, let’s hope she achieves everything she has set out to do.

Our thoughts go out to Jessa and anyone affected by this sort of hideous crime.

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