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This Woman Says She’s Too Hot To Get A Boyfriend

This Woman Says She’s Too Hot To Get A Boyfriend

Here is a gal who is claiming her hot looks have stopped her from doing something she’s always wanted: to be in love. OK…

The woman is 26-year-old Cherelle Neille from Manchester, and while she’s smoking hot, Neille says she struggles to get a boyfriend and find love because dudes only see her as arm candy. Here’s what the shop assistant had to say about all this:

“I feel as though plain Janes have it easier because men will actually get to know their personality as their looks are merely average. Whereas for me, it’s always the wrong attention, they never want to know me as a person. Plain girls end up with the long lasting relationships and I’m the one kissing all the frogs. I am sick of people assuming I am nasty when I am really a lovely person.”

Oh man, what a tragedy. And now it sounds like Neille has given up on love, as she wants dudes to focus on her personality more.

“My looks attract the wrong guys and it has been really hard, now I am completely over men. They continually think just because I’m good looking, I am going to be rude or stuck up. They say to me ‘oh you think you are too good looking don’t you?’ which is ridiculous. Whenever I am on a date, they only care about what I look like, they never even listen to what I am saying. My last boyfriend just paraded me around to his friends and only cared about having his photo taken with me.”

Let me just add that Neille has over 30k followers on Instagram — an Instagram that is filled wit hot photos, so there’s that. Oh, and there’s more.

“Girls are jealous too, I only really have one friend. There was this one time I was clubbing with my friend and when we were in the bathroom, loads of girls I didn’t know were complimenting me, my hair and my looks. Then suddenly my friend walked out and left the club, and she hasn’t talked to me since!

This story just keeps getting sadder and sadder — I don’t know how this girl lives her life. And now let’s end it with this from Neille:

“I don’t want to be less pretty, I just wish men would treat me differently. I think there is a serious problem in society today with the way they treat pretty women.”

Good luck, Neille. I truly hope you get over these harsh obstacles.


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Alternate hypothesis: She has a God-awful personality, but has sufficient looks that men are willing to use her as decoration and a masturbation toy until they can stand her no longer.

Her personality is just fine as long as she’s tied up and gagged.

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