Woman Sends Photos of Herself, Not Her Car, To Insurance Company After Automobile Accident

More Than One Accident Happened Here

Let’s play a game called Which is Worse: getting into a minor car accident, or accidentally sending pictures of yourself to the insurance company instead of your car?

For Alyssa Stringfellow, it’s the latter.

Following a minor car crash, Alyssa’s insurance agent asked to take front and side profile photos before her insurance could be completed.

However, the 25-year-old misunderstood and instead posed for a sequence of images and sent them to her insurer.

Realizing her mistake, and choosing to laugh about it, she shared the experience on Facebook and it received over 10,000 shares.

“I was totally embarrassed and mortified that his entire office had seen my photos,” she said. “I did think it was strange that he wanted photos of me but I just thought he must need them to identify who I was.

“He’d told my grandma on the phone that he and his entire office were in hysterics at my obvious misunderstanding.

“It was such a blonde moment but it has given so many people a laugh that I don’t care anymore.”

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