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Woman Shocked When She Found Genital-Shaped Meat In Her Meal – WTH Is This Thing?

Woman Shocked When She Found Genital-Shaped Meat In Her Meal – WTH Is This Thing?



Okay, before go any further, let’s get the formalities out the way. Go on, tag a mate who would eat this!

Image credit: CEN

Images have surfaced on the internet showing a piece of meat that looks rather a lot like that of a penis.

The woman who took the photo, named only as Akousa, bought the dish, which is said to be a local delicacy in Ghana.

It is called Tuo Zaafi and was purchased from a fast-food joint in the capital city, Accra.

Akousa said: “I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo Zaafi, which I bought and took home to eat.”

Most of us at this point would probably refuse the food and rather go hungry than put whatever that is anywhere near our chops.


But Akousa decided to take the dish home to show her family.

“My sister opted to show it to a lab technician friend later, who said because the meat was cooked, an ordinary lab test wouldn’t be able to prove it to be animal or human,” she told “He advised a forensic test be done on it but considering the bureaucratic processes these things go through, we gave up and the meat lies in our fridge.”

Less about where it came from and more about your thoughts. Considering ‘street food’ is all the rage at the moment, trying new delicacies has been my lunch hour for a while now. Would you give this a nibble if someone offered it to you in the street?

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