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Woman Spends $35,000 On Plastic Surgery To ‘Look Perfect’

Woman Spends $35,000 On Plastic Surgery To ‘Look Perfect’

This girl dropped some serious cash to make herself look ‘perfect’ after she was bullied about her weight.

How much?! $35,000!


Twenty-four-year-old Chloe Munnings got made fun of for being overweight while she was growing up. She had multiple operations to change her appearance.


So far, she’s had two boobs jobs. She has increased her breast size from 34B to 34FF. She has also had rhinoplasty, lip and cheek fillers, Botox and veneers. Now a webcam model with thousands of fans, she claims to still not be completely satisfied with the way she looks and she believes she’ll never stop having plastic surgery.


She insists that being beautiful comes with its own set of problems.


Chloe explained: ‘Growing up, I was a bullied for being overweight and I felt ugly. When I lost weight, I assumed that all my insecurities would go away.

Chloe says she is far from finished.


She is currently planning another breast augmentation, followed by a fat transfer Brazilian ‘butt lift’. She has also booked another nose job in Iran in November to give her a more ‘doll-like’ nose.


‘I definitely get a buzz from plastic surgery but once that buzz is gone, I crave more and start looking for my next procedure,’ she explained. ‘I have my idea of perfect and I will achieve it no matter what.’


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$35,000 – Hah! My ex’s implants ended up costing more than that -and I didn’t even get one of them back in the divorce!!

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