Woman Spits At Man While Clutching Small Child Over Parking Dispute


A woman is accused of spitting at a man while she clutches a toddler after being confronted for allegedly parking in HIS driveway.

Startling footage of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube and shows the pair in an argument that gets increasingly heated.

It is claimed the woman was parking in a private driveway while picking children up on a school run.

The footage, which has been widely shared on social media, begins with the woman apparently apologising for being in the driveway before her demeanour changes when she realises she is on camera.

Although unclear where and when the footage was taken, users on social media claimed it was filmed recently and in the town of Kettering.woman1

A sign with the warning “private property – no parking” is clearly visible on a garage door – directly outside which the woman’s car is parked.

The video begins with the woman getting children out of the car while the vehicle is parked in private property.

The man, who is not seen throughout the encounter, says to her: “Excuse me this is a private driveway” to which the woman apologises before asking if he wants her to move now.

When the man says he does want her to move, the woman apparently notices he is filming and asks: “Don’t you have to have my permission to film me?”


The man then replies that he is on private property and can “do what I like” at which point the woman purses her lips and appears to spit towards him.

Still holding a toddler in her arms, the woman then turns away from the man and gets into the car as he swears at her.

As the man continues to film, the woman then tells him she is sorry she parked there and she didn’t think he would get “that mad”.

She then offers to move the car at which point the man says: “That’s assault what you’ve just done to me.”

The woman responds, saying: “I missed you.”

The man films her vehicle registration number and says: “You’re the one on YouTube” before the woman again apologises and says she is moving.

In the longer footage posted to YouTube, the man again says to her that she has spat in his face, to which she claims she missed before adding: “But it would make an improvement if it did, you ugly c***.”

The car then drives off bringing the row to an end.

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