Woman Who Stabbed And Abused Boyfriend May Not Serve Any Time For Attack

Woman Who Stabbed And Abused Boyfriend May Not Serve Any Time For Attack

A student from Oxford University may be pardoned from serving any time in jail because the judge believes she has an “extraordinary talent,” despite attacking her boyfriend with a knife.

On September 30, Lavinia Woodward and her boyfriend got involved in a heated argument that was fueled by drugs and alcohol. The boyfriend threatened to call Woodward’s mother and that set her in a fit of rage. The 24-year-old punched her boyfriend in the face, then stabbed him in the leg with a bread knife, threw a laptop, a glass, and a jar of jam at him (Attacking someone with a jar of jam might be the most British form of attack ever).

Woodward, who was studying at Christ Church College, Oxford at the time, and her boyfriend, who studied at Cambridge, met each other on Tinder and started dating earlier that semester.

Oxford said they would allow her to return to study in October because she “is that bright” and had articles published in medical journals including Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Hypertension, and The Journal of Physiology.

However, she is unlikely to be able to become a surgeon as her criminal conviction would have to be disclosed.

Woodward now lives in Milan, Italy with her mother.

Lavinia was given a restraining order and told to stay drug-free.

Woodward will be sentenced on September 25.


One reply on “Woman Who Stabbed And Abused Boyfriend May Not Serve Any Time For Attack”

On the one hand I can see how it’s fair to try to avoid ruining someone’s life for a one-off fuck-up. On the other hand that consideration is applied very selectively; she ticked all the boxes – young, female, white, pretty, middle class, talented and attending a prestigious institution.

I don’t think I am being unfair by suggesting that the judge looked at her and maybe thought of his daughter and her friends. But a defendant who didn’t tick those boxes? Going down.

I am in favour of clemency and understanding from the bench ( prison seldom has good outcomes ) but it does seem to be restricted to a very specific demographic.

Also, I’m not sure that I want a heart surgeon who has issues with drink, drugs and getting stabby.

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