Woman Starts Crowdfunder To Have Her HH Breast Reduced

Woman Starts Crowdfunder To Have Her HH Breast Reduced



A woman with HH boobs has started a crowdfunding page to help her get a breast reduction, claiming that they’re so big she once got stuck in the bath.

Kya Granito took to GoFundMe to raise £8000 for a reduction op after being told by doctors that they don’t affect her life. She disagrees, however, and claims that her massive breasts weigh two to three stone and are having a huge impact on how she lives her life.

Kya posted: “I suffer from back ache, tender/painful breast, they’re so heavy that my front is pulling me down and I walk with a slight hunchback, I cannot lay down cause where they’re so heavy I can’t/struggle to get up for 10-15 mins every time,”

She also writes that they are having a negative effect on her mental health; making her depression and anxiety worse and giving her low self-esteem.


Credit: Facebook/Kya Garnito

She was told by doctors that the NHS no longer funds breast reduction operations and has turned to crowdfunding to help, because she can’t afford it herself.

She adds: “My back is in so much distress that I can’t move out of my bed sometimes or get off the sofa and few times I’ve been stuck in the bath cause of them, but apparently according to the doctors they’re ‘not’ affecting my life.”

So far, despite getting almost 300 shares for her campaign and some kind comments, poor Kya has only raised £5 towards the op.

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