Woman Who Stuffed Murdered Mom Into Suitcase Having A Blast In Prison With 3 Ways And Beer

In 2014, teen Heather Mack and her then boyfriend Tommy Schaefer murdered her mother, wealthy Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese-Mack in an upscale Bali hotel before stuffing her body in a suitcase. But rather than discretely dispose of her remains, the pair left the suitcase in a taxi cab for the driver to discover the mangled body it contained. Mack killed her mother in hope of inheriting her late father, composer James L. Mack’s, fortune. She promised to give Schaefer a cut if he helped her kill her mom. The pair were soon arrested and Schaefer was sentenced to 18 years in Indonesia’s notorious Kerobokan Prison while Mack got 10 years.


Anyone who has seen an episode of Locked Up Abroad knows that life inside of Kerobokan Prison is pretty bleak, unless you have money. According to Daily Mail, Schaefer and Mack have been using donations from a fund for a futile legal defense to fund their jailhouse party lifestyle.

In addition to living it up while locked up, Mack got pregnant with Schaefer’s child shortly before sentencing in 2015 and now the baby, Stella, lives with 21-year-old Mack in the female wing of the prison. Schaefer, 23, is afforded daily visitation.

Still, being a parent behind bars isn’t stopping Mack from making the most out of the reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations the couple has accrued since getting banged up.


From Daily Mail:

Both of them can drink, eat and smoke anything they want, whenever they want. And Mack is taking it to the extremes with her wild love life.
She and Schaefer have split up since they’ve been in prison and Mack’s been making the most of being surrounded by other young female inmates – by dating them. They call themselves the ‘pretty little criminals’.
She is currently in a three-way relationship with two local girls, one is a lesbian, who goes by the name of Rafael, and the other is a petite Asian teen called Nadya.
They are all ‘enjoying’ each others’ company and are often pictured kissing and canoodling each other, while making sexual references.
In one social media post, Mack and Nadya glory in their notoriety by posting a selfie saying: ‘WE ARE CELEBRITIES’.
In numerous pictures, Nadya is seen kissing Rafa, while Mack is posting pictures of herself cuddled up to Rafa on the same day.
Mack and Nadya are best friends in prison and seem to spend a lot of their time drinking the local Indonesian beer Bintang and smoking Marlboros, sources say.
Nadya, who says she’s bisexual, even posted the lyrics of the Marvin Gaye song Charlie Pluth, which goes: ‘We got this king size to our self.. don’t have to share with no one else.. don’t keep your secret to your self.. it’s KAMASUTRA show it town.. let’s chase the dawn together.’

Granted, who wouldn’t get drunk every day if they had to do hard time in a foreign prison?

In January, Daily Mail reported that Mack dumped Schaefer for another man at the prison. You’d figure losing 18 years of your life to help someone kill their parent in a foreign country would inspire a little loyalty, but no.

Despite reports of a debauched jailhouse lifestyle, the pair contend that they are consumed with remorse and have found God while behind bars. Oh, that old chestnut.

From Daily Mail:

While Mack is busy at Church – or partying – Schaefer, 23, is doing most of his work building religious structures.
Since they were sentenced last summer, Schaefer has been working with other killers on building a new prison chapel, which he proudly showed off to his family and friends in a picture.
Again, Schaefer claims that it is God he looks up to and is in pain every day for the devastating crime he committed.


Being locked up in Kerobokan prison is costly and there are extra perks for those who can afford them. Prisoners rent their space in jail for $200 a month. Also, guards can be easily paid off to turn a blind eye to things like a day out on the town or a visit from a sex worker. If the prisoners pay the guards enough, they can have almost anything they want, including alcohol, drugs, and other contraband. Prisoners can enjoy almost as much freedom as they would on the outside if they can keep the cash flowing. Sources told the Daily Mail that Mack revels in the infamy of being an “internationally famous criminal.” She also reportedly enjoys a friendly relationship with the guards, who are apparently on her payroll. She supposedly calls them “uncles.”

Despite the party girl reputation, Mack claims to be reformed and is often seen carrying a Bible around when she’s not in church. Even her pastor vouches for her, calling her “a lovely girl” who only cares about her young daughter.

Hopefully, Mack and Schaefer are able to keep the money flowing, otherwise life in the prison can get pretty grim. Over in the male side of the prison, it’s not uncommon to see someone stabbed or disemboweled over a five dollar debt.


Source   I Am Bored

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