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Woman Sues Club After Fall, But Judge Cites Her ‘Obese State’

Woman Sues Club After Fall, But Judge Cites Her ‘Obese State’


A judge in Britain has denied a woman’s claim that dim lighting in a jazz club was to blame for injuries she suffered in a fall, with her unusually frank ruling making headlines because of its references to the woman’s “inebriated, obese state.” Judge Heather Baucher ruled last week that 254-pound Eren Hussein was responsible for her own injuries when she tumbled down stairs at a popular London jazz spot “on three-inch platforms,” the Telegraph reports. Hussein, 53, filed a civil lawsuit demanding thousands of dollars in damages from Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club after she broke her wrist and elbow there in March 2012 during a night out.

Hussein testified that she missed a step outside an upstairs lounge and fell down two flights of stairs. “It was dark, it was dim and I didn’t see my step as I was going down,” she said. But the judge faulted her for not holding the banister, noting that Hussein “must have taken up much of the width of the stairway.” Hospital records described Hussein, who has since lost 70 pounds, as “obviously drunk,” but she insisted she only had 2.5 glasses of wine and champagne. The judge noted she may have been affected by painkillers she was taking. “On that evening, whether due to one or more of the factors—painkillers, weight, shoes, drink—she simply missed her footing,” the judge said, per the Independent.

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