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Woman Terrified Dead Husband’s Sperm Used For Other Women

Woman Terrified Dead Husband’s Sperm Used For Other Women


Sara Robertson is certain a fertility doctor used her deceased husband’s sperm to impregnate other women without her knowledge. And while Robertson says it feels “like I’m in a nightmare,” she’s not the only one who may suffer. Her husband, Aaron, had Marfan syndrome, a potentially deadly condition that is often passed on genetically. She’s worried there are moms out there somewhere unaware their children are at risk. Narratively has a deep look at Robertson’s horrifying situation and the love for her husband that’s keeping her going. It started with Aaron dying following a stroke in 2004. While Aaron was in a coma, doctors retrieved sperm samples so that Robertson could have his child in the future.

Six vials of Aaron’s sperm went to a storage facility in Los Angeles that was purchased by fertility doctor Peyman Saadat in 2006. In 2014, with doctors now having the ability to screen embryos for Marfan syndrome, Robertson was ready to have a baby. One problem: Saadat’s office claimed five of Aaron’s vials had been destroyed in a fire. And when Robertson asked them to send the surviving vial to her doctor, Saadat personally told her he would perform the procedure himself, telling her repeatedly, “I give you a baby.” Robertson said no, and Saadat’s office changed its story, telling her the last vial actually had someone else’s sperm in it. Robertson’s lawyer is “100% convinced” Saadat would have impregnated Robertson with any sperm he had handy, accusing him of “running a genetic Ponzi scheme.” Robertson is suing, and she’s not alone.

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another reason why you should not go with the lowest bidder in doctors

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