Woman Thinks She Hasn’t Found Love Because She’s ‘Too Hot’

Talk about being confident, right?

A 44–year-old woman named Dawn Cousins recently appeared on the very popular talk show This Morning to discuss one thing and one thing only: she’s too damn hot, and that’s why she can’t find a boyfriend. That’s right, folks, Cousins had no problem sitting down with hosts Holly and Phil to talk about her “crises,” even revealing that her kids’ friend have hit on her, too. Oh boy…

Here’s just some of what Cousins had to say:

Obviously, I’m a very attractive woman… I look very young. I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old woman of four children. So I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me, wanting to take me out, but they just want me because I’m hot.”

Trust us, there are more gems like that quote in the full interview below.

Shoutout to Phil for trying so hard to keep from laughing:

Screenshot: YouTube

Cousins is apparently a “vlogger,” so at least she’s making a difference, right? Well, it’s good to have confidence, but it’s not good to be living in a bubble of delusion.

They referred to Dawn as a ‘vlogger’, so we had a little dig around and discovered her channel called ‘The Dawn Cousin’s Show’.

With a whopping 124 subscribers, she had posted a video called ‘Dawn Cousins Too Hot at 44 to date men her own age?’