Woman Thinks She Stays Beautiful Because She Drinks Dog Urine

Woman Thinks She Stays Beautiful Because She Drinks Dog Urine –



Ironically, it makes her the most disgusting person we have ever seen.

Guys, meet Stacey, a woman who probably should have remained nameless. She apparently had so many people asking her how she always “looks so good,” how her “makeup always looks so perfect” and how she “always has this natural glow” that she decided to do the anti-magician thing and reveal her secret.

That secret? You guessed it — she drinks dog piss.



Yeah, “Are you f–king kidding me?” perfectly sums that up.

Upon finishing the entire cup of her dog’s pee, Stacey turned to the camera to let everybody know that she was depressed, sad (same thing, Stacey) and had really bad acne before looking at dog piss as a refreshing beverage. Why does it make a difference? Well, Stacey thinks it has Vitamin A, Vitamin E and 10 grams of calcium in it.

If those claims weren’t ludicrous enough for you, Stacey doubles down on her dose of dog shit and tells everybody that it has been proven to treat cancer.


Thankfully, The Kid Mero was able to set everybody straight and knock down anybody who might have been on the fence about dog urine being a cure-all drink by reminding viewers that the cancer claim was unlikely to ever have been printed in a medical journal not connected to The Onion. The only vitamin you’re really getting when you drink dog piss is “Vitamin Pee.”

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