Woman Tries to Get Free Ride By Pretending To Be An Army Colonel

Her plan would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that she was in the wrong place.


I don’t understand how these people who go through all this trouble to try and scam others when they could have used that time to get a job. All she wanted was a free bus ride, to get it she dressed in army fatigues and got some fake paperwork. She showed up at the local recruitment office and pretended to be a colonel. She wanted the army to pay for her trip in some way, she even begged for a bus voucher.


Of course the officer there recognized the bullshit from a mile away and started recording their interaction. She tried hard to convince him that she was a poor army colonel in need of a ride but he wasn’t buying it. After a little interrogation it was obvious that she was lying. In the end she admits to being a fake and tries to give excuses, but by the looks of it she didn’t learn her lesson at all and will most likely try this again.


I Am Bored

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