Woman Turns On Her Phone Only To Discover It’s Full Of Celeb’s Contact Details

Woman Turns On Her Phone Only To Discover It’s Full Of Celeb’s Contact Details


Imagine you load up your phone, only to realise that the memory is filled with the numbers of some of the biggest A-list celebrities, what would you do?

Sophie Highfield, 31, found herself in that exact situation after an iCloud glitch meant her Apple iPhone 5S was hooked up with the contact details of a host of celebs.

After buying the device brand new from Three Mobile she added the numbers for her friends and family, as you usually would, but months later, she discovered there were dozens of numbers she had never added.

Confused, she then discovered genuine contact details for stars such as Adele, Greg Rutherford, David Walliams, Gok Wan and Emma Bunton.

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Others big names include Radio 1 DJs Greg James and Nick Grimshaw – listed as Greg ‘The Legend’ James and Grimmy – as well as producers and others working in TV.

After a month-long investigation, Apple has failed to explain how the problem happened.

Sophie said: “The phone was supposed to be brand new and completely untouched.

“I’ve got no idea how it has happened. I seem to have access to literally hundreds of people’s numbers.

“I didn’t notice it at first because the contacts aren’t in my address book but when I go into messages to send a text and type in the letter ‘A’, it comes up with ‘A’ for Adele.

“There are loads of celebrities. I feel like it might have belonged to someone from the BBC or the TV industry.”

By the sounds of it she didn’t bother having any banter with any of the famous faces. Instead she said it was annoying having her contacts list blocked up, and eventually she decided to get a new phone altogether.

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