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Woman Upset Over Cops’ Reaction To Thermos Of Semen

Woman Upset Over Cops’ Reaction To Thermos Of Semen


A Florida woman trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination called police because she feared the thermos she was using to store sperm and dry ice might explode. Felicia Nevins sought the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office’s help after she forgot to remove a rubber O-ring from the container, the AP reports—and the next thing Nevins knew, the incident was all over social media. That’s because the sheriff’s office posted details on Facebook. Per the Tampa Bay Times, the 26-year-old called the cops Wednesday evening, and a deputy and firefighters showed up. They took the thermos and managed to get it open without incident, and Nevins said she appreciated that they didn’t reveal the purpose of their visit to her curious neighbors.

However, the sheriff’s office posted a description of the house call on Facebook, along with a stock photo of a woman looking repulsed. Nevins says that even though she wasn’t identified by name, there was enough information about her, including her age and location, for people to put two and two together after sifting through public records. Nevins, who has been trying to conceive a child with her husband for three years, told the Times she was upset because the post had not been removed as of Friday (it’s still up as of Monday morning). “I didn’t want any of this,” she notes. The sheriff’s office defended its decision, saying it was important to provide the type of safety information in the post. “Make no mistake, this was a potentially dangerous situation,” a statement by Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco noted.

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This is why no one has any fucking faith in the police to do their job and actually serve the public. It was bad enough she had to call for help let alone find a post on fucking facebook about the whole thing. The police have no business posting information about calls on social media. At best they should only be using it to gather information and to ask for help during investigations NOTHING more.

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