Woman With DD Breast Implants In Her Butt – Her Butt Twerks On Its Own

It’s Like Watching A Wreck – You Can’t Look AwayWoman has DD breast implants - in her bum

Jana Stoner had DD breast implants inserted into her bum to give her Kardashian-sized curves. But now she wants them removed because her butt cheeks ‘twerk on their own’.

The former model from Garden Grove, California is the latest plastic surgery casualty to seek the help of doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif in E!’s reality series Botched.

She pleads with the surgeons to help fix her misshapen bum after a botched buttock augmentation in Mexico.

Obviously, Terry and Paul need to see the full extent of the damage first, so ask her to shake her bum to determine how loose the implants are. Obviously.

Terry soon realises they’ve got a big job on their hands.


‘Jana’s butt implants are so big that when she twerks her buttock implants twerk independently of herself,’ he explains. ‘They have their own zip code.’

He’s also fascinated by the amount of control Jana can wield over each buttock. ‘It’s interesting that she can control each one individually,’ he tells colleague Dr Nassif, who looks deeply uncomfortable.

Dr Nassif says: ‘I am very serious in front of my patients. So a lot of this stuff is inappropriate – for me that is. Terry loves it all.’

(Picture: E!’s Botched)

Terry, meanwhile, is giving one of Jana’s implants a good squeeze. ‘This feels like a silicone breast implant,’ he says, explaining that the implants are 650cc each.

After the in-depth consultation, which also involves Jana’s gran twerking for the cameras (just because), the doctors say Jana will need a buttock lift, which will end up leaving her with a scar that will remove most, if not all, of her tattoo on her lower back.

Gran gets involved (Picture: E!’s Botched)

Jana’s just delighted they can help. ‘It has been a big obstacle in my life,’ she says. ‘I am so relieved that somebody is willing to operate on my a**.’

What a total pain in the butt.

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