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Woman With The ‘World’s Biggest Mouth’ – NO THIS IS NOT A FILTER

Samantha Ramsdell, who proudly boasts having the “world’s biggest mouth” on TikTok, is going viral for her absolutely insane videos, including one where he jams an entire order of large McDonald’s fries in her ginormous, rubbery piehole.

The last vid is the cherry on her piehole

I am so glad she said that it’s not a filter than makes mouth her mouth look so large, because if she didn’t I would never have believed it. She has got to have the most elastic lips in the entire world. Has anyone confirmed that she isn’t actually an alien from another planet?

If seeing her jam an entire Large McDonald’s fries into her gob wasn’t enough of a holy sh-t moment for you, just wait until you see her stuff a huge chicken cutlet sandwich into her mouth.

Watch Ramsdell eat an entire Wendy’s Double Baconator in one bite.

And here is the cherry

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Would it be fair to assume that this lady will soon become extremely overweight?

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