Woman’s F**ked Up Pregnancy Announcement Gives Birth To Wildest Thread In Twitter History


Brace yourselves, readers: this story is pretty fucked up. But you knew that when you clicked, and here we are. A young woman is going viral on Twitter after posting a photo of herself in which she claims to be four months pregnant. “4k RTs & I won’t abort it,” she wrote.

Here’s her “announcement”:

The bizarre tweet went viral, as Twitter simultaneously jumped in to attack her…

…and defend her:

And then in more screenshots which are ALSO going viral, someone claiming to be the “father” of this “baby” chimed in to the thread. And then this insane interaction between these potential PARENTS-TO-BE (???) happened:


We can’t confirm if all (or any) of this is real. But we can confirm that this woman’s ridiculously absurd pregnancy announcement gave birth to what Twitter is hailing as “the greatest thread of all time.”

Here’s the full thread, if you’re curious (and if you made it this far, let’s be honest, you’re curious):

If you just read that whole thing like I did, you probably have questions. You’re not alone.

We want to know what is happening rn, too, bro!!!!! Are these people for real? Are we being trolled? Is the whole internet just trolling all of us all of the time????

We don’t know, sorry. But people are saying they haven’t read a thread this good in YEARS:

So, umm, congrats to everyone involved?


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