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Woman’s ‘Lesbianism’ Listed As Medical Problem

Woman’s ‘Lesbianism’ Listed As Medical Problem


After getting blood work done, Kristina Rodriguez was looking over her medical history record when she saw the word “lesbianism” listed under medical problems. The North Carolina woman showed the documents to WSOC, which has a picture. She says that after she complained, her doctor and a director of Carolinas Healthcare System got in touch and told her her sexual orientation had been listed that way so that she wouldn’t be offended, but that her doctor offered to move it from the medical problems section to the notes section.

In a statement, Carolinas Healthcare System has since clarified to the TV station, “Sexual orientation is not a clinical diagnosis and we will be working closely with our physicians and providers to ensure that information included in medical records is appropriate, respectful, and consistent with our belief in the importance of diversity.”

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