Woman’s Terrifying Tinder Profile Goes Viral


While online dating has quickly become the norm for single people across the world, the app still comes with some pretty big risks. There is the non-lethal but awkward threat of getting catfished. There’s the very real possibility you’ll go on a date with someone SO deeply obnoxious their mere existence will kill all hope of love left in your soul.

Lastly, there are the true Tinder MVPs who are 100 percent lying in wait to murder you.

Running across a deeply cliche profile is pretty commonplace. Tinder is a hotbed full of white people posing with sedated tigers in Thailand, women doing yoga on mountains, and people posing in group photos with hotter friends. There are plenty of bad photos, over-the-top sexual photos, and funny (whether intentional or not) bios to comb through.

It truly takes a special Tinder profile to stand out on the internet these days, and this woman’s terrifying bio has effectively struck fear into the hearts of many.

It’s required by law that you read this bio through in full, I absolutely insist.

It reads:

“I am looking for a lifetime partner who is really hardworking, humble, HEALTHY and trustworthy. He must have both lungs and kidneys, heart with a sinus rhythm. Non-smoker and occasional drinker is fine, or do not take any substance that could damage the liver.”

Um, I’m going to need some liver-damaging substances in order to recover from the primal pang of anxiety that hit my gut as I read her profile.

Her specificity about body parts caused many people online to speculate on exactly which organs she prefers for harvesting, and which vendors she inevitably dispenses them to.

Perhaps the scariest part is that she is not only in her overly specific healthy organ preferences.

I have a feeling a whole dark corner of Tinder is filled with thinly veiled queries for organs, whether trolling or not. Let this be a PSA for us all: make sure you read the whole bio before you swipe right.

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