Women React To Vintage Dating Tips

Glamour recently released a NSFW video where women hear excerpts from sex advice books from as far back as 1680. As you can expect, the tips are all just … really awful.

“Boys get an ego boost from your awkwardness,” a 1984 book called “How to be Popular with Boys” says. “It makes them feel more in control, more manly. And at the same time they get more protective toward shy, trembling you.”

That dated, “women should be meek” stuff does not sit well with any of the women who hear it. One woman expresses her true feelings right away with a hearty “F–k you, f–k this advice, f–k everything.” Another half-agrees with the advice, saying “Well … that’s probably true. But it’s super sh-tty, come on man!”

One woman summarizes most of the suggestions in these books when she says, “Don’t have any confidence. Don’t believe in yourself. Why would you do that?”

Women React To Vintage Dating Tips

4 replies on “Women React To Vintage Dating Tips”

If that sounds modern to you it just shows how stuck in the past is your mind.
Don’t worry, everything you say in your comments shows how much of a cave-man, misogynist you are; it’s plain to see, though sad. 🙁

I read a sex-tip book about 40 years ago which was from the 50’s. One piece of advice which has stayed with me was that a wife should not give oral sex in the early part of the marriage but save it as a secret weapon once the husband was starting to lose interest. Creepiest thing I have ever heard.

This sounds so wrong to me and I am actually surprised to see one of the comments saying that it is modern… I think many things have changed in the past years. It is not only women that have become more confident but also men are now looking for strong and independent women. According to a questionnaire I recently saw on , men are more likely to be attracted to an independent, confident, good-looking woman than to a shy and quite girl. That’s why I can totally agree with the girls from the video!

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