Women Reveal What Isn’t Nearly As Attractive As Guys May Think

Last week, Ask Reddit informed readers as to some things that men might be doing wrong on dating sites. Today’s valuable advice from Ask Reddit gives guys some insight into what they might be doing wrong to woo the ladies. The question posed on Reddit’s most curious subreddit was, “Women, what isn’t nearly as attractive as many guys think it is?”

Several ladies complained of excessive hair gel. So take it easy there Pauly D.

WhimsyUU: Hair that is excessively gelled.


90s animated GIF

yhhoang: Having too much cologne on.

anchorman animated GIFoakbones:

That expression that guys make in photos where they worry their brows excessively and squint their eyes and smile like this or this.

Also when guys take selfies with their shirts lifted to show off their abs.

Maybe it’s just me, but vanity is such a turn off. Whereas confidence in yourself and how you look is totally different and actually a turn on, images like the above just scream self-centeredness. It also speaks to some level of attention to celebrity fads which is a personal no-go.

JesusListensToSlayer: Overly complex facial hair + really gelled hair + a lot of jewelry. It just looks too busy.

Rethink what you just said.


guy fieri animated GIF

FleurDeLysse: Guys who think girls want to hear about their sexual encounters.

gronke: Rubbing the clit like you’re trying to start a fire.

syncopationstation: Unsolicited dick pics

Like this?

Yeah, that is pretty vile.

Some guys asked their girlfriends for their insight on the subject.

nullandkale: According to my GF “Getting out of the shower, taking your towel off, and shaking your dick at me”

Abstracticon: Asked my girlfriend this, and she promptly answered, without hesitation, “Their penis.”


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