Women Reveal Why Self-Proclaimed ‘Nice Guys’ Don’t Get Laid

Women Reveal Why Self-Proclaimed ‘Nice Guys’ Don’t Get Laid

The phrase ‘nice guys finish last,’ isn’t exactly a new one, but perhaps there is actually a reason behind it…

According to these women of Reddit, there are certain things that a self-confessed ‘nice guy’ does which means they won’t get anywhere near the bedroom.

Some of them area a bit brutal, but some of them are completely fair.

Attraction seems to be a key issue:

Just never mention the friend zone…

Girls can see right through you if you’re trying to be ‘nice…’

NEVER write poetry for a girl:


Definitely do not ‘proclaim’ yourself to be a ‘good’ guy:

Probably best not to call them a slut for wanting sex when it’s not with you…

Self-deprecation is never a turn on:

There you have it straight from the horse’s mouth.

So if you’re a ‘nice guy,’ better take heed…


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