Women Reveal The Simple Things Men Do That Turn Them On

There are all sorts of weird things that men do that apparently turn women on and some of them are seemingly just tiny acts that don’t involve any sort of sexual behaviour at all. 

According to these Reddit users, there is a whole host of different ways in which they can be turned on and some of them are plain strange.

First off, this is bizarre:

This is fairly odd too:

Make sure it’s not dingy, white or baggy then guys…

Bit gross perhaps?

So any of these things then…

I always thought winks were a bit creepy, but maybe that was just me…

This is very specific:

So shaving is a thing?

I knew that size of a man’s hands is often compared to the size of more intimate parts, but just hands in general being a turn on is a new one:

So forearms then?

Just the half?

Forearms again…

Tying a tie because he knows how… How is that a turn on? If he didn’t know how, would it still work?

‘Leaning’ is a new one:

This is a very insignificant thing, which can apparently have major consequences:

This one is simple and highly achievable:

Penis shoulders?

Not quite sure what to make of all of these…


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