Women Revealed The First Things They Check Out On A Guy’s Body So Get To Work On These Now


Guess what guys? Women are just like you. They check you out and do some mental evaluation of your bodies too.

So what exactly is it that women are looking for? You never know what’s going through a woman’s mind. So it’s a good thing someone on Reddit asked, “What do girls check out on a guy?”

Now you finally know some things you need to work on in the gym and in the bathroom in order to have a better chance of, you know, actually getting a date!

Your forearms, especially if you’re carrying something like a heavy box but don’t just flex randomly like those guys on Instagram. That is such a turn off for me.

I also like your backs for some reason which is kind of perfect anyway because then you can’t see me checking you out, especially on the beach when guys are topless. ~lexiethesasquatch



I’m sure it depends on the person. I’m very much a face/eye person. I guess I also notice nice arms. But face is most important. ~ C8H10N4O2Addiction


Posture, shoulders, forearms, eyes, hair, smile…Butt. ~ peacebum


Traps, shoulder width, biceps, forearms, facial hair/jawline, height, and butt. I also consider body fat distribution. I don’t mind a guy who is on the high end of average, but I prefer even distribution, not all in the gut/breast.

Oh. Also chest hair:-)

Edit: teeth. Also doesn’t have to be perfect, most combinations of missing/off-white/crooked are permissible if you pick 2 of the 3. ~ chicklet2011



Ass. And nice arms. Drummers have the best arms. ~ BannaMonster


Maybe it’s my age, but ring finger. Then beard, arms, eyes, butt and face. ~the_hokey_pokey


The way they walk. Long, confident strides catch my eye first. If they walk flat-footed, shuffling, slouchy, or gorilla-like I lose all interest immediately. ~ whadahfuqies


Hair. Bonus points if it’s long enough to run your fingers through. ~ celestinecolada


Does he have a beard? If not, does he have the ability to adequately grow one? ~sarahcarrasco


Forearms. Lats. Eyes. Facial hair. Hands. And last but not least, BUTTS! ~ 5peasinapod


Your hands. In the first place, to look for a wedding/commitment ring. In the second place, because hands are fucking sexy.

Then it’s hair/eyes/mouth/neck.

Arms and biceps. But forearms especially.

Chest. ~ GAGirlChild


Face, height (just me personally, and I’m short so if you’re over 5’3, I reaaally wouldn’t sweat height), smile! Forearms, thighs, and of course…the booty. ~ the-mortyest-morty


Style. Because you can be a proper hottie but if you’re wearing a douche uniform there’s no need for me to keep looking. ~ Topo_Chica


Bulge. ~ mshoneynj



Hey, at least she’s honest.

Naturally, men were checking this thread out and one man noticed this…

Not a single vote for legs. Message received: Always skip leg day. ~ ShowMeYourTiddles


Luckily, aballofunicorns, was there to quell any concerns, “Butts are included in leg day. and I love men with nice firm butt, so don’t skip.”


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