World’s Most Awful Mom Gives Son Receipt For Raising Him

A man on Reddit recently posted a picture of the receipt his mother sent him for raising him. It’s not a light-hearted, jokey receipt—it’s one that was designed to make him feel guilty for wanting any sort of life of his own. The only good part about the receipt is that it wasn’t an invoice. After reading this, you may never complain about your mom ever again.


Because the receipt is written in Vietnamese, the man who posted it translated it. It reads,


Education – 12 years – Free

Sickness – Whole life – Free

Worrying – Whole life -Free

Love – Whole life – Free

Total: Free

Waitress: Mom

P/s: I own you for the rest of your life. No matter how I abused or laughed on your pain, you have no way to escape. ( And I am so humble I called myself a waitress. And BTW, fuck your personal life and dream)

WOW, that’s pretty intense. The whole situation arose because the man wants to move to the U.S. with his fiancée (who his parents absolutely loathe) to pursue a career in CGI. His parents are not exactly down with that.

The guy wrote a whole long post about his predicament, which you can read here. Good luck to him and his fiancée, and I seriously hope he manages to develop a support group of friends that are much, much kinder to him than his mother.




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