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The World’s Craziest Ever Concept Cars in Photos


Manufacturers sometimes present a pie-in-the-sky approach during Motor Show. Their concepts drum up interest to their otherwise standard offerings.
This list compiles the craziest prototypes or concept cars presented by the largest auto makers in the world. From outlandish Peugeots to crazy Citroens, here are some of the weirdest concept cars you’ll see.

Peugeot 20Cup

The Peugeot 20Cup concept of 2006 is part tricycle with a dash of Peugeot 207. The concept looks like half a car and weighs less than 500 kg. The weight of . . . half a car.


Ford Nucleon

During the 1950s, everyone dreamt of a car run by nuclear power. This Ford Nucleon concept was part of that craze. This car would be perfect if not for—sorry—the nuclear reactor on its back.


Ferrari Modulo

The Ferrari Modulo concept of 1970. If its space-age looks are crazy enough, it sat so low to the ground and only someone the size of Richard Hammond could drive it.

Colani C112

The C112 of 1970, need we say more?


Toyota U2

The Toyota U2 ‘Urban Utility’ concept is so innovative. It’s just a crazy concept.



Honda Puyo

The soft-bodied Honda Puyo fuel cell vehicle of 2007 was meant to convey a “warm, friendly impression.” This is the perfect cure for road rage. Who would dare get angry with someone who drives this cuddly car?



The BMW i8 sits under the ‘concept car that becomes a reality’ banner.


Mercedes-Benz Bionic Car

The Bionic Car was inspired by the boxfish, thanks to its superb aerodynamic properties. A Mercedes-Benz, inspired by a boxfish and called the Bionic Car—you couldn’t make it up.

Isuzu Vehicross

The fact that Isuzu developed the Vehicross concept and the fact they actually went on to build it. is impressive enough.


Lamborghini Egoista

Egoista literally translates from Italian as “selfish.” A present from Lamborghini for itself, no wonder they went crazy with its design. It lives up to the name, with just one seat. It’s fashion design was inspired from a fighter jet by the way.



Peugeot Moovie

We’re just speechless.


Saab Aero-X

This is the Aero-X concept of 2006. Saabs once were known for their smart designs. We don’t know what happened to them.

Valmet Automotive Dawn

The Valmet Automotive Dawn. Unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the electric vehicle looks like a racing car that’s oven in the back.

Citroen Tubik

The Citroen Tubik’s face is part fish, part Angry Birds character, the nine-seat concept is unlikely to make production, thank the heavens.


Nissan Pivo 2

The Nissan Pivo 2 had four independent wheels that swivelled in much the same way as a supermarket trolley. You’ll also get a robo companion with this car.

Renault Racoon

The brilliantly named Renault Racoon of 1992 would want venture further off-road than any other concept car. In fact, thanks to its amphibious qualities, it would even go for a swim.


Citroen Lacoste

The Citroen Lacoste offered “a modern, pared-back option that aims to end the ‘always more’ ethos that the automotive industry so often lives by.” So if you want a designer car, go ahead.


Chery @Ant

On its own, a Chery @Ant has the ability to go anywhere. It can form a link between Chery @Ant to another Chery @Ant, and both will form a road train system, using automated telematics to provide an alternative glimpse at automated driving. Now that’s we call a convoy.


Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen is known to be conservative. It was quite a surprise when they unveiled the Volkswagen XL1 concept of 2011, and it was the stuff of pure fantasy. It’s a 795kg, 313mpg, carbonfibre, two-seater, plug-in hybrid eco car.

Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet-Benz

The motorcylce-car of the world!

Audi Urban Concept

The Audi Urban Concept of 2011 slots neatly into our craziest concept cars gallery.





The World’s Craziest Ever Concept Cars in Photos

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I remember some of these when they came out. I guess I am getting old but the Audi looks like shit. I owned an Audi and they are nice cars, but that concept looks like a smartcar POS.

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