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World’s First Self-Erecting Bionic Penis Hits The Market

World’s First Self-Erecting Bionic Penis Hits The Market

If you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the first self erecting penis to go on sale, well the wait is over as according to Metro the time is here.


For about $185 you can have yourself the world’s first self-erecting bionic penis. Built by the online sex retailer Lovehoney, the bionic penis has a motor in the tip, ten different settings that range from “intense to off-the-scale,” and can stand at attention or go flaccid with just one push of the button.

Here’s what Paul Jaques, the quality and technical manager at Lovehoney, had to say:

“This genuinely is a world first and big breakthrough in the global sex toy market – the very first bionic vibrating dildo which mimics the way a man achieves an erection in real-life. We have patented the brand new remote control AutoErect technology powering the rise and fall of the Uprize dildo shaft which goes from flaccid to erect in a few seconds just as a man does when he is aroused.

We hope it will be used all over the world. Sex toy lovers have been waiting for this product for years and the technology has evolved so that Lovehoney can finally bring it to market for the first time. We are hugely excited by Uprize which will revolutionize the way we enjoy sex toys.”

Interested in buying this for yourself? Or for a gag (no pun intended) gift? Well you can either choose from a six-inch version or an eight-inch version if you’re feeling adventurous.

And now you know all about this bionic penis. Tell your pals.

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