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World’s Hottest Weather Girl, Yanet Garcia, Confuses Viewers After Ass Triples In Size


Remember the hottest weather girl in the world? This might help refresh your memory:

The Mexican TV presenter dubbed ‘the world’s hottest weathergirl’ has sparked some debate yet again after wearing a “figure hugging dress” which left viewers speculating if she had her ass enhanced.

To me it looks like there was just some weird camera angles going on. The top picture I posted she took 1 day ago. How did her butt shrink back to normal so fast??

The 25-year-old has already become a talking point in Mexico after appearing on Televisa Monterry news in a nude coloured mini-skirt.

And now viewers have been left wondering if she has had her bottom boosted after wearing yet another risque outfit.

One critic branded her the girlfriend of Donald Duck and another claimed she’d stuffed a pillow down her dress.

Another joked: ‘Sue your surgeon. He’s botched this one.’

Another lady was really fired up that she got popular because of her ass: ‘If she’s well known it’s because of her bottom not her work.

‘What a shame that she takes pleasure out of the fact people speak about her butt and not how well she does her job.’

Garcia has claimed in interviews her looks are down to good genetics and exercise including boxing, jogging and the gym.

She maintains that she is surprised that people are interested in her Instagram page, claiming that she mainly posts pictures of her family and work.

You already know I was going to do my research. Here are 2 pics she posted 14 weeks ago & 13 weeks ago:

Booty looks pretty normal to me.


World’s Hottest Weather Girl, Yanet Garcia, Confuses Viewers After Ass Triples In Size


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