World’s Worst HR Manager Fired After Racist Email To Vietnamese Dad Goes Viral




Bruce Peterson, the now-former HR manager/Hiring manager for Dash Delivery LLC, responded in an email to Mr. Huynh:

Let me tell you know, if you no speak English, I will send you home-

Jeez. Emily tweeted that a professional shouldn’t talk to another person in such a manner.

Emily’s father, Minh Huynh, immigrated to America in 1995 and owned a restaurant before working as an overnight truck driver for 13 years. According to Next Shark, Mr. Huynh was laid off after being unable to get a certain license on time. For the past two years, he’s been working day and night to try and find work, using Google Translate when he needs to.

Emily also shared her father’s reaction.

Emily’s tweet went viral and people with immigrant parents shared how they can relate.

The Huynhs’ story was shared on the website Next Shark, and Mr. Huynh was overwhelmed by the amount of support he’s received. Finally, the internet is good for once!

The story has a happy ending: Peterson was fired for his sh*ttiness.

Emily also shared an update from her dad, who’s grateful for the support but working hard to move on with daily English lessons.

And the family got an apology from Peterson himself.

Take a lesson from Mr. Huynh: learn from your mistakes and your ignorance.

since the tweet went viral, her dad has received numerous job offers.

She also said that her dad wants to thank the internet for their support, and that she was grateful to “to shine a light to this serious problem of workplace discrimination.”

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