WW3 Fears Grow As Putin Orders ‘All Officials To Fly Families Home’

WW3 Fears Grow As Putin Orders ‘All Officials To Fly Families Home’



In the wake of a series of heated debates, disagreements, and scares, Russia has ordered all of their officials to bring their families ‘back to the Motherland,’ leading many to fear World War 3 is looming on the apocalyptic horizon. 

According to numerous sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent an urgent warning out to all of his politicians and officials urging them to come back to Russia immediately with their entire families.


Specifically, he has ordered administration staff, regional administrators, lawmakers, and employees of public corporations to return and to take their children out of foreign schools immediately, reports the Daily Mail.

Russian political analyst, Stanislav Belkovsky, added:

This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war’.

It is claimed that WW3 may well be emerging sooner than we previously thought after Putin cancelled his visit to France earlier this week due to continued arguments over Russia’s involvement with President Assad in Syria in the fight against ISIS.


There are also fears in Western Europe after the Russian’s moved ‘nuclear capable’ missiles to Kaliningrad on the Polish border.

Missiles which are capable of reaching Berlin if deployed.


Even Mikhail Gorbachev has pitched in claiming that the world is at a very ‘dangerous point’ due to the growing tension between Russia and the U.S.

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