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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Throws Insane $7 MILLION Gatsby-Themed Holiday Party As Company Struggles


What would you do if you were the CEO of a company which has been in constant decline over the past three years and may be completely phased out by companies like Facebook and Google if you don’t get your shit together? You throw a $7million Great Gatsby-themed holiday party in a San Francisco warehouse complete with a Rolls Royce and imported chandeliers for decoration DUHHHH.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is under fire from a shareholder who is asking her to step down after her perceived excessive spending has been negatively affecting the company, according to Daily Mail.

The shareholder, hedge fund manager Eric Jackson, submitted in a 99-page presentation detailing Mayer’s outlandish spending in the midst of the company’s decline–namely the $450 million she’s spent on free food for employees over the past four years, the $2million she spent giving away JawBone Up fitness bracelets to mark her one-year anniversary at the company, the $3 million for Yahoo to sponsor the Met Ball earlier this year (securing her a spot alongside Anna Wintour and Jennifer Lawrence on the elite hosting committee), and yes, the extravagant holiday party she threw because fuck it.

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According to Daily Mail,

An individual who attended the company’s Gatsby party wrote about their experience for Vice’s Motherboard, saying the party was held in a warehouse on a pier and filled with chandeliers, a Rolls Royce , and even ‘swinging flapper aerialists pouring champagne towers.’

The guest said there was a massive selection of top-shelf booze and variety of food offerings for those in attendance.

There was also a gambling parlor inside the venue and guests were each given $500 of fake money to use at the tables with any winnings going to charity.

The customized tables all had ‘The Roaring 20th Year End Party 2015’ written on the felt tops to celebrate the party’s theme.

The entertainment was provided by a burlesque troupe and a ‘Canadian boy/girl cover band.’

Employees posted photos to social media of the event, many that showed them posing with Mayer as she sat in her armchair.

Mayer gave birth to twin girls just days after the party and is currently on a two-week maternity leave.

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Seems like a fun chick to party with. Not necessarily to invest in.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Throws Insane $7 MILLION Gatsby-Themed Holiday Party As Company Struggles

One reply on “Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Throws Insane $7 MILLION Gatsby-Themed Holiday Party As Company Struggles”

Aw hell no, I wouldn’t want to be her investor, but it’s not really because of this party, it’s because she sucks at business.

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