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The Year’s Hottest Toy Is A Dud For Many

The Year’s Hottest Toy Is A Dud For Many

Kristen Capeci’s goal was “to bring a little extra happiness to my nephew and my nieces” by getting them the hottest toy of the season. Instead, she’s one of scores of Hatchimals customers frustrated by dud toys that have failed to hatch from their eggs as promised or have stopped working after a few hours of play, reports NEWS10. As the Daily Dot reports, some even say the toy swears, though the company explains that Hatchimals speak their own language of random sounds and are not cursing, per CTV News. Still, the toys do “incorporate a high level of technology” and “may not perform as well as expected” in some cases, a rep tells CNN, adding that the company is working to resolve issues and is “reviewing each and every consumer inquiry.”

Based on a wave of complaints on Twitter, customers aren’t so sure. When her nephew’s egg didn’t open, Capeci says Spin Master told her to open it herself and send the company a photo. She says she did but hasn’t gotten a reply. “I’m concerned that I’m not even going to get a replacement at this point,” she says. Several Twitter users who’ve called to complain say they were left on hold for hours or told to call back later. One user even ordered a Furby as a replacement, noting Spin Master was “impossible to contact.” Spin Master isn’t alone in its holiday toy troubles. Users are also complaining that they receive constant error messages while playing with Mattel’s app- and voice-controlled Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, which retails for $300, reports CNBC.


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so toy companies are acting like software companies “just put it to market we will fix any errors later”.

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