Yoda Was Originally Meant To Look Totally Different

Yoda Was Originally Meant To Look Totally Different


Some film characters go down in history as being instantly recognisable. Yoda is one of those characters. The wise old Jedi is known by people who haven’t even watched Star Wars, such is his legendary status, but things could have been way different for him.

An old sketch of what the Grand Master of the Jedi Order was supposed to look like before the films were made would mean he’d still be recognisable, but for totally opposite reasons.

Digital Spy were recently at London’s O2 Arena to see the new exhibition ‘Star Wars Identities’. When there, they came across the original concept for Yoda by artist Ralph McQuarrie.


Credit: Lucas Film/Hugh Armitage

The picture is likely from the early 70s, and confirms that Ralph McQuarrie and Yoda both predicted the insurgence of hipsters in today’s world all those years ago.

Sporting boots that look as if they’ve been nicked from Captain Jack Sparrow, a hat not so dissimilar to a garden gnome’s, a top which is most probably on Top Man’s home page, and a beard/moustahce combo Brian Blessed would be proud of, the first works of Yoda make him look like such an annoying bellend.

Jim Henson and Frank Oz took over from McQuarrie to design the general of Clone Troopers, giving us the character we’ve become accustomed to.

Yoda very nearly had a cameo in Force Awakens, but eventually the decision was made to simply include a few soundbites of his voice in a vision Rey had.


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