You Knew It Was Bound to Happen – Courtney Stodden Claims Her Sex Tape Was ‘Stolen’

Courtney Stodden sex tape


Apparently a MILLION DOLLARS just isn’t going to get the job done when it comes to the alleged Courtney Stodden sex tape.

Because according to Fishwrapper, the Courtney Stodden sex tape was STOLEN, you guise!!!

Courtney Stodden is mad as hell … and she’s so adamant against having her solo sex tape released to the public that she’s sicced an attorney on Vivid Entertainment’s CEO, Steve Hirsch, in an attempt to stop any distribution of her tape … which totally exists.

Stodden lawyered up and sent the following C&D to Vivid … stating that Vivid is to immediately drop Courtney’s tape like a hot potato, and refrain from ever mentioning it again.

Of course none of this is bothering Courtney Stodden one bit right now…

And why should it? While she waits for a higher offer to come through and whoops, the “leaked” Courtney Stodden sex tape “accidentally” gets released, she can just keep on taking sexy photos and pretending that she had “nothing” to do with a “solo” sex tape that somehow found its way into the hands of Vivid Entertainment. Are you connecting the dots here? It was a “solo” sex tape… who else do you think gave it to Vivid? The sex tape fairy? (Which totally exists by the way.)

This Courtney Stodden sex tape is still SO happening. Just give it time. Farrah Abraham made the playbook, Courtney is just following it to the letter.

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This woman looks over the hill and yet still isn’t old enough to buy alcohol.

I was thinking the same thing Draculya. She seems like an older woman getting surgery to look younger.

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