You Won’t Believe These Japanese Sex Dolls

Japan has done it again.

The Japanese company Wasps Seto claims to have reached a new level in the production of rubber women. Their new dolls are almost alive – touching them, it seems that you touch to a living person. The company said that its new series of dolls, made of high quality silicon, so realistic that at first glance it is almost indistinguishable from the real girl.  Dolls that are not inflatable, sold under the name “Dutch wife” – a Japanese term for a sex doll.  Advertising products that appeared in the media says that anyone who can afford to buy a doll, will never want to start a relationship with a real girlfriend.

“Our experts have come to the conclusion that it was the skin and eyes that needed to be improved” – said a spokesman for the company Wasps Seto. -” Spending a lot of time and effort into improving them, we, as a result, created a doll that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. “

The cost of the dolls just over $ 1,600, but in spite of the high cost, they are popular. The company is sure that the success of the Dutch wives is partially due to their realistic skin and eyes. Complete with the “almost a living woman” is a set of clothes, to get rid of the new owner from having to go shopping for lingerie and the possible embarrassment associated with it.  Potential buyers can also customize the dolls according to their preferences, that is, they can choose the breast size and shape, Hair and eye color and even the skin tone.


Japan has done it again.

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