If You’re Alive In 30 Years, You Might Be Alive In 1000 Years

This might sound crazy, but life extension is a real thing and could mean if you’re alive in 30 years time, then you could potentially still be here in 1000 years…

It sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi – maybe a bit like Chris Pratt and JLaw’s recent film Passengers – but actually life extension is a very real science and something which is being worked on right now.

According to some scientists, we are but decades away from moving into the mind-blowing realms of ‘life extension,’ which could change life forever…

It seems as humans we struggle with the concept of our own mortality – which is fair enough as it’s a very difficult one to grasp – and are constantly on the hunt for ways in which to appear younger at the very least.

The shelves of every chemist, pharmacy, beauty salon and health shop are crammed full of products claiming to help ‘restore youth’ and take ‘years off’  – a bit like Benjamin Button –  in a bid to satisfy our demand for a piece of ‘youth.’

But until relatively recently though, the concept of physically extending your life has been nothing more than a fleeting thought.

Here’s a reminder from Benjamin Button when Brad creepily goes from an old man to a baby:


Now, according to Anonymous News, scientists are focusing on ways in which to ‘edit your DNA’ and regrow telomeres – which is apparently the key to extending life.

Of course there are other factors which can help prolong life, including eating right and exercising, but with genetic therapy, we may be able to add much more than a year or two onto our life expectancy.

It seems now – and this may blow your mind a little, as it definitely did mine – death may not be a certain fact of life, as scientists continue to find more awe-inspiring ways in which to break the rules and dodge life-restricting barriers.

Part of this process – as depicted in lead Google engineer Ray Kurzweil’s book, The Singularity is Near – When Humans Transcend Biology – is the development of computers and the impact this could have on our ability to live longer.

Ray’s illustration claims to show how computers will eventually over-take the human brain – and this may happen in the not-so-distant-future – which means technology is the key to unlocking our time-lord potential.

So with technology developing rapidly on a daily basis, it seems we may be able to reach our human-goal of living even longer lives, even more quickly.

Perhaps one day robots will outwit us, like Ex-machina:

was one computer for the class to share and having lessons on the internet – then in 20 more, who knows where we’ll be?

It’s a pretty exciting thought don’t you think?

That’s if we don’t get completely taken over by robots by that point and wiped out completely… Anyway. Happy thoughts…


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