If You’re Going To Watch One Badminton Highlight In Your Lifetime, It Absolutely Positively Must Be This One

I’ll be the first one to say it, I’m not historically a badminton fan. Every time I’ve ever played badminton I’ve been too drunk to remember it. It is the ultimate backyard barbecue game but so is drinking until you can adequately socialize with your aunts. But evidently, some people choose to play this sport professionally and the sport’s peak performers actually make it look like poetry in motion. I haven’t had a back-and-forth that electric since I told a guy on Tinder I worked for Brazzers.

The rally above featured Japan and Denmark in the Dubai World Superseries Final last month and has amassed over one million views, which I’d venture to guess is prettay prettay good for the badminton community. All eleven of them.


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