‘You’re A Prostitute!’ Early Leader For Craziest Freakout Of 2017 Ignites At Restaurant


It’s only April 1st, but I think we may already have found the greatest public freakout of 2017. We take you to Santa Monica, California where a woman goes ballistic on a couple for “having sex” in line at a restaurant.

The young lady in the red “San Francisco” hoodie screams at a girl, “You’re a prostitute!” You’re a slut!” If you thought that was the crescendo, you would be mistaken because this boorish broad continues to lambaste the loving couple by yelling derogatory language at them.

“You’re a slut get a get a hotel room and fuck somewhere else.”

The gentleman who took the video said he “had my arms around my girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead a couple times.” Plus there are other people in line so I don’t think the couple starting banging in public like the Domino’s Pizza sausage-slinging lovers. She insists the couple is having sex, yet says things like, “Stop making out in front of us!” Meaning they were probably just innocently kissing while waiting to place their order.

“You can not be doing prostitution in public,” the ogress spouts. “You’re sexually harassing me. You and that slut!” She really sounds like an authority on law. The hobgoblin continues to make up her own laws and says she will get the cameraman arrested for stalking her, despite him never leaving the same spot and her encroaching his space multiple times.

The succubus then aims her pent-up anger at the restaurant employee and demands a refund, even though he nor the restaurant did absolutely nothing wrong.

“I want my money back! I want a refund! I want a refund right now!”

She makes this absurd demand while the employee is on the phone with his manager and she then threatens to get him fired.

She then refocuses her hatred on the couple, especially the girl.

I have a theory that this demoness has lost so many relationships with guys and her type is the cameraman, that’s why she spews her hatred at his chick and calls her names like, “asshole, whore, bitch, prostitute, and slut.”

“You making out with that ugly bitch it is so nasty!”

She is so jealous because guys leave her for cute chicks who make out in the restaurant line and the bitterness is eating her up inside. Instead of correcting her fucked up psychosis, she lashes out at the girls who get the guys she can’t.

“Do you know how much I want to puke on both of you? You are the ugliest bitch I have ever seen, you look like a little boy.”

Then if pissing off the couple and the employee wasn’t bad enough she gets racial. When a man attempts to interrupt the woman’s ridiculous onslaught, she attacks him.

“I am an American, where the fuck are you from? Go back you retarded foreign asshole.”

She finally leaves, but forgets to stick around for when the police arrive so she can have the couple arrested for all of their crimes.

The moral of the story is don’t forget your meds and never be a jealous Judy.

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