Sex and politics are two subjects that commingle more than they probably should. I mean, why do they commingle at all? In what way do sex and politics ever deal with each other aside from the assumption that politicians probably have sex with their wives or husbands.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
Yet for some reason, during this election, I’ve received several emails about how/why politics affects people regarding their sexual relationships. Two of the more interesting surveys come from dating sites Match and Zoosk, which polled over 5,000 people each in their individual surveys, which makes the information below generously representative of our society during the political run in 2016.

Though you’ve never asked for this information in any way, here is how the politician you support affects you sexually.

1. People Who Are Passionate About Politics Are Quite Sexually Expressive

Before I get into separating political supporters using the survey information, I will address them as a whole. In fact, the generalization is favorable toward those interested in politics.

Respondents who admitted they were into politics were 57 percent more likely to explore open relationships and 110 percent more likely to engage in a threesome. I guess there’s one disadvantage, actually, and it’s a bit of a doozie: 80 percent more likely to drunk dial an ex. Something no man or woman should ever do.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
2. What Are Hillary Supporters Like Sexually?

According to the Match’s annual Singles in America survey, those in support of Hillary are 129 percent more likely to drink wine (because of course they are), 606 percent more likely to be gay (which could suggest they’re more open-minded to the idea of a woman being president), and 43 percent more likely to pursue a committed relationship than a one-night stand. Which seems about right. Doesn’t it?

3. What Are Trump Supporters Like Sexually?

Trump supporters, on the other hand, were 79 percent more likely to drink beer (yeah, probably), 82 percent more likely to be unemployed (seems likely), and 116 percent more likely to talk smack about an ex (most definitely).

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
4. Which Candidate Would You Want To Get Drunk With?

According to dating site Zoosk, who recently polled nearly 6,000 singles on how politics impacts relationships, most singles (36 percent) would want to get drunk with Trump of all those up for election, which is understandable, because the guy’s a total character.

Trump’s reign was followed by Bernie at 27 percent, and Hillary at a mere 15 percent.

5. Which Candidate Would Make The Best Wingman?

Believe it or not, singles believe Trump to be the “most charming and funniest candidate” in the running. Does this surprise you? Because he pretty much swept both categories. Thirty-six percent agree he’s the most charming, followed by Bernie (25 percent) and then Hillary (16 percent).

As for his humor, these results were even more significant, with 41 percent believing him to be the funniest, followed again by Bernie with 28 percent and Hillary with 14 percent.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
6. Which Supporters Are The Better Lovemakers?

According to singles in the Zoosk survey, the majority of singles (55 percent) believe Democrats are better lovemakers than Republicans. Hell, Republicans agree, with 23 percent of respondents saying Democrats are likely the better lovers.

7. Which Supporters Expect Sex On A First Date?

Trump’s, of course. Match’s survey found that Trump supporters were a whopping 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date. Clinton’s base, on the other hand, is an even more whopping 2,133 percent more likely to have no physical expectations by the end of the first date.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
8. Which Supporters Are More Sexually Adventurous?

You guessed it. Trump again. Ninety-nine percent were more likely to film themselves having sex. Though unrelated, Trump supporters were also twice as likely to lie about the number of people they’ve slept with.

9. Which Political Supporter Is Most Likely To Get Ghosted?

In both August 2015 and March 2016, female singles were twice as likely as males to report “wanting to run in the opposite direction” if Trump was brought up on a date.

Also worth adding: 36 percent of single females would “ghost” a Trump supporter. If you’re not up to date on millennial lexicon, this means she’d ditch without a reason or explanation why.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually
10. All In All Though, We’re All Pretty Open To Dating “Across Party Lines”

That’s right. At the very least, we weren’t childish enough to dump somebody based on who they’re voting for, because that’s just juvenile. Zoosk’s research found that 84% of singles are willing to date someone from the opposite party. This is a 9% increase from just August 2015.

Who You're Voting For Says A Lot About You Sexually



All the candidates and parties are either rubbish or unelectable. The difference this time is you get to vote for someone who would likely fuck the world up.

I would suspect that anyone who finds Drumpf charming is suffering from severe brain damage… nothing else would make sense.

I like Trump. He is NOT A POLITICIAN and we need someone who is going to change the system. I think he will. On the areas he is not well educated in, he will get the best person for the job to lead in that area. Of all the candidates, I think he will make the biggest change to American federal government.

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