YouTuber Brutally Cuts Hand While Attempting Fruit Ninja Stunt [GRAPHIC]

YouTuber Brutally Cuts Hand While Attempting Fruit Ninja Stunt [GRAPHIC]

This fruit ninja trainee should have mastered the art of one sword before moving on to two. This guy’s name is Lance Stewart and he was trying to do a stunt recreating the ‘Fruit Ninja’ game in real life, he isn’t the first to try this but he is one of the few who screwed it up this majorly.


Lance figured that two blades were better than one, in a poor attempt at a cross slash with both blade he ended up catching a blade right on his pinky finger. Blood started pouring out while Lance was screaming his head off at the sight. He actually eventually passes out from the shock of seeing so much of his own blood.


Luckily he wasn’t alone and his two friends were quick to call 9-1-1. An ambulance showed up to take lance to the hospital to assess the damage and get him some much needed stitches, good thing his friends never stopped filming the whole scene.


Lance had to get surgery to fix a severed tendon and nine stitches. He is expected to fully recover the use of his finger. This was probably worth it since now he will be known as the moron that almost cut his finger off for a video rather than just another person trying to do ‘Fruit Ninja’ in real life.

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OMFG man I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. What a little bitch. It wasn’t even that bad he didn’t cut his finger all the way off even just cut it pretty good. He screamed and passed out so dramatically it looked fake lol. Then his dad was all jesus christ get your mother! and I fkn lost it again. This is gold solid gold.

I cut the ends of two fingers off on a table saw and never screamed or passed out. I just clamped my fingers in my other hand and asked for a ride to the hospital.

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