YouTuber Pretends To Have Sex With Mate’s Sister As A Prank

It’s an unwritten rule amongst mates that sisters are pretty much off limits.

So it’s no surprise when Max received a text from a friend that his mate Joel was getting it off with his sister he was bloody furious.

However, it was all an elaborate prank for Joel’s YouTube channel. Of course it was! Another day, another hoax on YouTube.

Joel – or JMX as he’s known on YouTube – installed a bunch of cameras in the bedroom to catch Max’s reaction.

Credit: JMX

Max bursts into a room and starts screaming: “You’re actually a scumbag, you’re actually a fucking scumbag.”

“I told you – you can’t bang my fucking sister.”

Max pulls Joel out of the bed and pushes him around and then rips the sheets off his sister, only to see that she’s fully clothed.

JMX falls to the floor laughing while Max realises he’s been had! Oh the laughs they have.

It’s not the first time Max has been pranked!

Joel got his girlfriend Jess to flirt with Max while they were alone.

In the clip, Jess is wearing a revealing dress, and after a rather slow and boring start, she starts some very full-on flirting.

Fair play to poor Max, he’s a good mate, and even when Jess is stood with her legs apart and her boobs in his face you can see him desperately looking around, trying not to stare.

She then leans in and tells him that she wants his ‘tiny Irish penis in her ear’ and Max realises it’s all been a joke. And he actually looks pretty upset.

Take a look here:

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